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maisi E710 1296P Dash Cam with Rear View Mirror, IN-CAR Vehicle Dash Camcorder (4-Mega Pixels, Video/Sound Record, 3-Inch Display Screen, 150 Degree Wide Angle G-Sensor, Black)

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·         Built in microphone records all sound while recording (can be shut off if needed) will also ensure the accuracy of an incident or driving experience. One-button audio recording on/off for privacy protection concerns.

·         Pop this on over your existing rear view mirror (fits any size rear view mirror) and not only enjoy a bigger, safer rear view mirror, but also have the comfort of knowing that as soon as you start your car, the recorder automatically starts and is ready to go with no need to touch a thing; the MAISI sees it all.

·         Built in 4.3-inch screen: 1) No need for a computer to change settings, can be done onscreen, 2) actual real time view of camera views, 3) playback video and pictures. You may also plug the MAISI HD into any TV via AV connection and view your footage or pictures on the big screen. (AV cable not included).

·         More Intelligent & Safer: Emergency Lock Button & Accident Auto Detection Feature (G-Sensor) can lock up current DVR recording during critical moments (such as car accidents), thus protecting your high-quality recordings.

·         12 month Warranty to Cover Any Issues and professional team support. All emails would be replied in 12-24 hours. Our contact email is inside the user's manual or quick installation guide. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Click the orange button to order now!

High-tech build-in Ambarella chipset gives you the Full HD 1296p/30fps recorder. Definitely your reliable driving companion on the road. 

Super HD videos: Full HD at 2304x1296 pixels. A bright 4.3 inch color LCD for live view + playback. 
Auto WDR/HDR: Wide Dynamic Range Imaging/High Dynamic Range Imaging.
Auto record: Once the car powers on, so does the MAISI, no need to touch a thing; it’s good to go. Automatically shuts off when the car is turned off. 
Loop record: Record in 3, 5 minutes. Loop recording insures the SD card (NOT included) will never fill up and you will always capture the latest footage. 
Emergency recording: Emergency recording protects the current recording, including the critical seconds before the accident, from being overwritten. Simply press the accessible emergency button (Menu) to manually activate emergency recording. 
Real mirror (Anti-Glare film): Unlike a lot of other brands that use a dark, reflective coating, the MAISI HD uses a real mirror. Also helps add some field of view due to the extended size. 
Ultra wide view: Its 150 degree wide angle lens ensures you a more complete viewing. Simply adjust the camera lens/angle and using the LCD screen, you can keep stretching the view. 
Motion Detection: Any motion within the view range automatically trigger recordings. With it, you would be focused on driving. 
G-sensor: It could help determine the direction of happening collision and simultaneously set the recorded data to protection mode. 
Preview and playback videos: While driving, the bright 4.3 inch color LCD screen shows a live view of the road ahead. Additionally, the camera’s built-in microphone comes in handy if you want to pick up sound during recording.

What’s in the box? 

LCD Display: 4.3” LCD color TFT with 111K pixels (480*230)

Image Sensor : 4.1 MP, 1/3’’ CMOS

Operating System: Windows

Connection : mini USB


HD Mirror DVR, USB Cord, Car Charger, Cord Clips, Manual.

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    Technical Details

    PRODUCT SIZE (L×W×H) 4.4 x 0.7 x 1.5 cm
    WEIGHT 699 g
    STILL IMAGE RESOLUTION [4M (2688x1512 16:9), 9M (4000x2250 16:9), 13M (4800x2700 16:9)]
    VIDEO RESOLUTION [2560x1080@30P 21:9, 2304x1296@30P 16:9, 1920x1080@30P 16:9, HDR 1920x1080@30P 16:9, 1280x720@30P 16:9]
    SENSOR 3-Axis G-Force sensor
    FORMAT video:MOV, Photograph: JPEG
    POWER SOURCE Built-in Li-polymer rechargeable and car charger



    Why only 10s footage is saved?
    Please check if you have enable the motion detection. The motion detection function will

    conflict with loop recording and result in few seconds videos.

    What is “Loop Recording”?
    All of our dash camcorders are currently utilizing the loop recording system. The options are 1/3/5 minutes. For example, if it is set to 5min, the camcorder will generate a file every 5 minutes. Once the SD card capacity is full, the oldest file will be overwritten by the latest one.

    What is a "G-Sensor" feature on a dash camera?
    A "G Sensor" is a feature / setting that allows a specific video file that is actively being produced / recorded to be "locked" and protected from becoming deleted as the camera continues to record video while in " loop". Cameras have low, medium and high settings for G-sensor. If the setting is set too high, then the camera may "lock" files every time you come to a quick stop or run over a pothole. The G-Sensor setting must be used cautiously and experimented with for each driver and vehicle. It is suggested that a new camcorder owner drive with G-sensor set to off or in the low setting in order to get a "feel" for how it functions in a particular vehicle and driving style.

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